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Enhance the performance of your staff, the well-being of your clients and guests, and breathe life in to events with our beautiful modern corporate flower arrangements and artistic flowers for any event.

Corporate florist Todich Floral Design's expert team has over 15 years' experience coming up with unique creations for corporate flowers in London and event flowers and will work with you to create impactful floral displays that perfectly meet your brief. Whether you're looking for something chic, contemporary and innovative, rustic or quaint, we can meet a vast range of requirements.

After an initial, free consultation at a location of your choice, our team of corporate flowers' florists will present a tailored solution of corporate floral designs, plants or flower decorations to suit your budget and requirements, whether you're looking for corporate Christmas flowers, flowers for event decoration, office flowers and plants, corporate floral displays, hotel reception flowers or media flowers. Our low overheads mean we can offer competitive prices, so you as the client get a top quality service, for less. We also understand the importance of discretion and meeting deadlines, and are committed to providing 100% satisfaction, guaranteed for your corporate flowers and corporate flower arrangements.

Here's a summary of what Todich Floral Design offers in terms of corporate office flowers, corporate floral displays, event flowers and décor, hotel flower displays, pub and bar flowers, media event flowers and restaurant flowers in London:

Being London based enables us to personally visit New Covent Garden Flower Market daily, so we can guarantee the freshness and quality of our luxury corporate flowers. All other suppliers are local and we use seasonal flowers and plants wherever possible, as we strive to be an eco-friendly business too. In 2011 Todich Floral Design was named Best Business for Customer Service at the Lambeth Business Awards and continues to build on this with a growing, satisfied base of clients for corporate flowers and event flowers in London.

Finally, our online account management system saves you time and keeps track of your preferences. We are so confident of our service and the quality of our work that we offer a free one week trial when you first sign up*.

* Offer subject to a minimum supply of 2 months so you can truly evaluate our service.

It's a proven fact that corporate fresh flowers and plants help improve mood and creativity, and decrease stress and anxiety. By adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your office, hotel, restaurant, bar or media event, they also help create a certain atmosphere or style and communicate success.

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Flower arrangements for offices - Benefits of flowers in the office

In the current economic climate, it's important for businesses to retain a competitive edge and be constantly innovating. And business experts all agree that the key to this is clear; it's essential to have happy, motivativated and productive staff. This is where a regular corporate flowers delivery helps. London offices often have regular weekly corporate flowers delivered as various different studies have shown that flowers in your office can help improve idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills.

For example, a study conducted at a Texas University found that nature can hold the secret to business success. The research demonstrated that workers skills improved substantially in all of these areas in workplace environments that included flowers in the office. So if you want to improve the moral, motivation and productivity of your employees, consider a delivery of weekly office flowers from London florist Todich Floral Design.

A lead researcher on the project noted that people's productivity, in terms of innovation and solving problems improved after adding corporate office flowers and plants, and that this can make a very real difference in business performance and success. In the study, the researchers looked in to the link between flowers and plants and productivity. Staff taking part performed creative problem solving tasks in a number of workplace settings and environments. These included one with indoor office flowers and plants, one with a sculpture, and another with no office plants and flowers or other decoration at all.

During this study, both sexes showed better innovative thinking and generated more ideas and solutions to problems in the workplace that had office flowers decoration and office plants with flowers. In general the men came up with more ideas and the women came up with more creative, flexible solutions.

These findings, along with countless other pieces of research in to the benefits of flowers in the office clearly show that flowers for the office are a great idea if you want to improve productivity and ensure the success of your business or shop. Whether you're looking for small office flowers, modern office flowers, office flowers that are artificial, flowers for an office opening, flowers for the office reception, or flowers for office desks, floral stylist and London flower shop Todich Floral Design provides the best office flowers and office plants with flowers, best corporate flower displays and floral arrangement designs via its office flower delivery service in London.

We are so confident of our superior service that we offer a free trial for a week (subject to a minimum supply of 2 months) and guarantee the freshness and quality of our flowers. Our expert team of florists will work with you to create unique, stunning floral arrangement designs and for small office with fewer than three weekly plants we offer a free maintenance service with your office flowers delivery. In addition our online account management system offers customised monthly billing so you save time by not needing to pay for every transaction and vases are available from as little as £24.95 per week.

Hotel flowers and flowers for hotel rooms. Flower arrangement for the hotel reception

If you think of what guests really want from a hotel, a relaxing, pleasant environment that soothes away the stresses and strains of their everyday life surely has to be top of the list. So since the healing and stress-busting properties of flowers are readily accepted and known, the benefits of having a hotel flower service are clear. Todich Floral Design has years of experience providing hotel flowers in London and hotel flower arrangements. These can take many forms, from flower decorations for hotel events, to flower arrangements for hotel rooms, to hotel reception flowers. The reception area is one of the most important in a hotel as this is obviously where new guests enter and make their first impressions. If the entrance area looks plain, dark and unwelcoming, it's unlikely people will be filled with excitement and promise about what comes next!

So in order to make a first impression that counts and truly wows, take a leaf out of the book of some of the top hotels in London and indeed the world and invest in a fabulous corporate flower arrangement idea that sets the tone for the venue and reflects its identity and style. Corporate florist in London Todich Floral Design provides a range of hotel style flower arrangements, from wild, natural looking designs to innovative, modern hotel floral arrangements. Depending on whether you run a small family B&B or a large luxury chain hotel, the flower style that is suitable will vary. Todich Floral Design works with clients to make sure you end up with the hotel display flowers that are the best type of flowers for your hotel.

Hotel wedding flowers

As a specialist in flower design for hotels, hotel room flower decorations and hotel flower delivery, Todich Floral Design has worked on hotel wedding flowers in some of the top venues in London including Café Royal, The Dorchester hotel and the Mandarin Oriental. Whether it's a small, intimate affair or a large wedding with hundreds of guests, Todich Floral Design are experts in hotel wedding flowers and can provide a huge array of designs, including wedding reception flowers, entrance displays, pedestals, urns and floral arches, but garlands and swag ways for pillars or stairways.

Flowers for hotel rooms

As well as reception flowers, we can also help organise to have flowers waiting in the hotel room for special or VIP guests, or provide a service for those who want to have flowers delivered to a hotel room. Hotel flowers and hotel floral design are a speciality for us and we are happy to help clients turn their venue in to a beautiful oasis of calm, tranquility and luxury for their guests.

In our hotel flowers' section you can browse hotel flowers' arrangement photos for inspiration, or our expert team is happy to meet you or have a chat on the phone to advise on everything from hotel room flower decoration and large hotel flower arrangements to flower decoration in hotels for special events like weddings and private parties.

Flowers for pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars

Having corporate flowers for tables in your restaurant, pub, club or bar immediately helps create a much more warm and inviting atmosphere by adding splashes of colour and interest. By bringing nature in to your space, it also creates a feeling of serenity and calm, plus a sense of luxury and class. Restaurant flowers and bar flowers will also exponentially improve any photos taken of the venue for marketing or promotional purposes. Properly staging and setting the scene in promotional shots is of the utmost importance if you want your venue to look its absolute best in marketing, advertising and PR materials.

Todich Floral Design are specialists in providing bar flowers in London and restaurant flowers in London, working with some of the best known venues in top hotels. If your bar or restaurant prefers artificial flowers, we can provide these too. We have worked on a huge variety of restaurant flower arrangements over the years, from modern restaurant flowers to wild, natural style flowers for bar and restaurant menu areas or reception desks. Our weekly restaurant flower delivery service can provide restaurant plants and flowers and restaurant flower vases filled or by themselves for your own corporate flower displays. Our expert team of designers and florists specialise in helping clients come up with corporate flower arrangement ideas for flowers for bars and restaurants that fit with their brand image and décor.

So if you're looking for flowers for a restaurant in the UK, advice on restaurant floral arrangements club flowers, pub flowers or bar flowers, contact Todich Floral Design today. We have a huge variety of restaurant flower vases available for UK weekly delivery and restaurant table flower vases, from small bud vases, to elegant tall glass vases, both coloured and plain. We can also provide specialist vases if you require a certain design or style and have access to a huge range of products via our suppliers throughout the UK. With our London flower shop you can send flowers online to London for same day delivery.

Popular restaurant flower vases are mini fishbowl vases, as they are simple and low and do not restrict clients' vision over tables. However if you fancy something a bit different or have a specific idea for the flowers for your bar and restaurant, our design team can come up with a unique and innovative concept, or adapt to anything particular you need. Restaurant plants and bar plants have actually become very popular in recent years, with many places in London having pretty pots of herbs or even spices like chilli. If this idea whets your appetite, then this is something Todich Floral Design restaurant flower delivery service can provide too, as well as restaurant flower ideas.

Restaurant flower ideas for tall vases often include tropical flowers such as Heliconia, Anthurium, Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) and Curcuma (Ginger), combined with large leaves like Aspidistra, Fatsia, Philodendron, Monstera, Cordyline, and twiggy materials such as contorted willow, birch, chestnut and bamboo. Not only are these materials great for creating interesting outlines and shapes, they provide a huge variety of textures and colours and very long lasting too, so perfect for vases or arrangements that have to last up to one week. Orchids and different types of berries such as Hypericum are great too, and these are often used for smaller bud vases or fishbowls too. The restaurant flowers in London that we work on take so many different forms, it's impossible to list them all, but this should provide some food for thought.

Corporate event flowers by our team of London florists

Todich Floral Design loves working on corporate event flowers in London and specialises in designer corporate flowers and innovative creations that provide a real impact and wow your guests. Whether it's for an office party, an important client dinner or networking event, we can advise on everything from colour scheme to suitable flower materials, decorations and props, as well as providing corporate gifts of flowers for any VIP clients and goody bags.

We work with clients on a regular basis to provide weekly corporate flowers delivery in London, UK and the surrounding areas, including corporate reception flowers, office flowers, flowers for corporate events and flowers for corporate functions like Christmas parties, plus we have a huge range of Christmas decorations for offices and meeting rooms. During the festive season we provide a real Christmas tree delivery service including professional installation, decoration and design. Whether your colour scheme is traditional or modern, we have a huge range of decorations, baubles and bows as well as fresh materials to suit; from reds and greens through to icy blues, silver and white.

It's really important to use a professional supplier for flowers for corporate events. London venues and other big spaces often present challenges when it comes to décor; not only do you need to consider the logistics, i.e. how will you actually construct and attach any decorations you wish to have, but also the visual balance of your designs.

For example you may love the idea of tall, elegant event flowers and décor, but if you have more than ten tables, a sea of high designs can obstruct guests' vision and appear cluttered when you look across the room. A mix of large and tall arrangements is better for bigger events. So if you're ordering flowers for an event, it's best to consult a specialist event florist in London. Todich Floral Design has worked at venues both large and small and can offer advice every step of the way.

Media flowers for TV and film production sets and editorial shoots

For those looking reflect a certain time period, or create a certain atmosphere on production sets, at media launches or events, let Todich Floral Design advise you on media flowers. London based, and local to New Covent Garden Flower Market at Nine Elms, Vauxhall, we have access to a huge range of floral materials, containers and props for media flowers in the UK. Whether you need media flowers for a TV commercial set in 1910, wedding flowers for a romantic film, or innovative designs to complement and launch a new product, company or brand, Todich Floral Design can help.

About Todich Floral Design; wedding, event and corporate florist in London

The team at Todich Floral Design specialise in using their wealth of knowledge and expertise to transform clients' floral requests and requirements in to unique, beautiful and innovative designs. Services provided include corporate event flowers, event flowers in London, private event flowers, cultural event flowers, Christmas flowers, Valentines flowers and decorated Christmas trees.

As a specialist event florist in London and bridal florist, we also provide wedding flowers for London brides, including wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes and corsages, and wedding reception flowers, plus flowers for all types of faith, including Christian wedding flowers, Muslim wedding flowers, Hindu and Indian wedding flowers.