Hotel Flowers Decoration Service

Over 15 years of corporate experience has given us a special understanding of this sector's specific requirements. We offer you a custom tailored solution for your hotel.


Absolutely Gorgeous Hotel Floral Arrangements For 2017

Take advantage of entirely breathtaking, absolutely gorgeous hotel floral arrangements and the extravagant beauty of hotel reception flowers in 2017. Fresh designs brought to you by London's premier hotel florist, Todich Floral Design, supplying hotel flowers, respected advice and event design.

Our flower experts give free consultations for large scale events, business and professional, as well as occasions intimate and personal. Our designs are always memorable and come with guaranteed impeccable service, delivery and installation, particularly when it comes to hotel floral arrangements.

We get that hotel floral arrangements enhance the hospitality experience and enjoyable stay for your guests and the comfort you provide for visitors and business partners. Amid the bustle, the abundance of outside pleasures and entertainments, distractions and excursions that can be found so easily in London, you want to present an escape from the day-to-day, and at the very least a comfortable haven to return to at the end of the day.

Beautiful designs and stunning displays of hotel floral arrangements from Todich Floral Design aim to astonish all who view these pieces of art while raising the bar for florists and top venues in London. Our innovative, accomplished and award-winning florists have found a way to channel the energy of one of the world's finest cities in a way that’s nothing short of amazing.

With a breadth of luxury hotel floral design knowledge and expertise in contemporary floral fashions (wedding design, corporate flower arrangement ideas, reception and restaurant flowers and more), we can help you embody the incredible energy, the rich history and the raw sense of awe, intention and liveliness of London's premier venues and most fashionable neighbourhoods.

Todich Floral Design's team of expert florists and floral designers offer hotel style flower arrangements that will help your hotel property and amenities stand out. Fresh, striking lobby flower arrangements in hotels and hotel room flower decoration needn't be outlandish to seem lavish. Nor do you need to employ outrageous, ostentatious displays to catch the eyes of your guests.

Different Types of Flower Arrangement Ideas: Hotel Floral Arrangements To Uniquely Highlight What You Offer.

Sometimes simplicity and balance will win the day in the arena of hotel floral arrangements. Or if you’re aiming for luxury hotel floral arrangements that do push the edge, while evoking refinement, that bespoke and crafted feeling, Todich Floral Design can also created designs with a more urbane, customised and edgy appeal.

Exclusivity, high flower fashions, iconic London landmark hotels and pretty hotel floral arrangements are part of the tradition and legacy of Todich Floral Design. Our previous hotel clients and partners include the Mandarin Oriental, Westbury Hotel London, Berkeley Hotel, Lagham and Hilton and other boutique hotels for everything from special events, private parties and any custom-tailored lobby arrangement. We strive to meet even the most exacting client requests and specifications.

Glamour, glitz and crystal vases full of long stem roses or orange blush tulips might be a part of what you want to give your guests a glimpse of when they first cast eyes on where they'll be staying. You want them to expect the most and smile or grin with excitement when they first enter and are greeted in the lobby of your hotel.

At Todich Floral Design we work with you and anticipate your needs around hotel floral arrangements to consistently transform your lobby into the centrepiece, a hybrid arrangement of colour, intriguing design and beauty and comfort to heighten the delight, the intimacy and natural interest that can be cultivated and allowed to flow through the space.

Luxury Hotel floral Arrangements: What Types of Flower Arrangement in Hotels Are Best?

We have excelled at helping clients find the right hotel floral arrangement, events flowers, wedding flowers and hotel room flowers and corporate flower designs for almost two decades. Our corporate floral services have evolved over time, with the latest floral trends and the tastes of a given season.

The particular floral fashions specific to autumn, winter, spring and summer and flower availability, budgets and freshness are always a part of the equation no matter whether we are working with small boutique shops, luxury and global hotel chains, or arranging competitive corporate flowers prices for one of the many businesses, receptions and galas, offices and grand openings. We provide service within London proper and deliver throughout the UK.

Not only does Todich Floral Design offer same day flower deliver and timely accommodating service (you only need to ask one of our team leaders or expert floral designers), but our hotel floral arrangements also have an emphasis on sustainability, seasonal floral design and local flower sourcing. We frequently purchase flowers for our stunning designs and exotic plants for hotels from local flower markets and well-known quality flower markets such as New Covent Garden Flower Market.

Eco-friendly hotel floral arrangements are a part of our mission, too, as a top London florist that sees the prominent role our environment plays in helping us to meet your needs, create impressive floral designs, and transform the special moments and guests' stays at your hotel into cherished, lifelong memories.

Sustainable hotel floral arrangements are something we offer to each of our clients because so many luxury hotels understand and prioritise conservation and preserving our planet's resources. This is where the natural beauty and the flowers come from , after all. Showcasing for guests this commitment to positively impacting the environment is a way to appeal not just to a sense of beauty and refined aesthetics, but also awareness, care and consideration.

In an age of social media and hype and buzz, where anything can go viral, this is particularly important to luxury hotel chains, widespread hospitality groups and even smaller hotels.

Todich Floral Design recognises the power of these mediums for branding and promotional purposes. We help our clients to create optimal, striking backdrops for any and all PR and marketing moments, whether or not they are planned or impromptu. Just this last year we were proud to plan a series of flower arrangements and designs for promotional events, including corporate flower arrangements for an event at Searcys in the Gherkin, and more personal, intimate moments for wedding receptions held atop Kensington Rooftop Gardens.

Across many different varieties of flower design, the principles remain the same. The effort behind each creative flourish and finishing touch remains high. With a variety of hotel floral arrangements, you can achieve a natural style, class and extravagance. Regardless of the style of arrangements you choose, you will find opportunities to display luxury hotel floral arrangements for a soothing effect, to build intrigue and significantly impact guests as they lounge, enjoy a drink or cocktail set before a display of hotel bar flowers, or leisurely walk through and enjoy: drinking in all of the bright, colourful and fully textured floral displays.

Our close attention to details and sustainable flower practises also allows us to offer our clients the most competitive corporate flowers prices and budgeting from a top florist in London. Our expert design team adopts such a mindset even for extravagant hotel wedding decorations, special events flowers and large hotel lobby floral arrangements.

Beautiful Hotel Floral Arrangements with a Customer and Client First Focus

The most popular UK flowers may have shifted with the times and season, but one thing has not changed in all that time--our commitment to our customers and clients who want the best hotel floral arrangements. Todich Floral Design has nearly 20 years of experience working closely with businesses and restaurants and premier names in the hospitality industry, boutique hotels and global guest services, discovering what luxury hotel floral arrangements are uniquely suited to your needs and the personalities of your guests.

A Review of Modern Hotel Lobby Flower Arrangements and Floral Design

Large floral arrangements in urns can be designed and delivered to your hotel. Of course there are many different types of flower arrangement ideas that Todich Floral Design's team is here to help you develop and determine what is best for your needs, your event, and the specific layout and decorum of your hotel and guest rooms. Hotel foyer floral arrangements and creating an ambiance that fits with your decor isn't easy, but Todich Floral Design provides flower advice, design tips and facilitates the entire process.

We act as a guide and have our florists work with your hotel management team to customise a wholly unique, wide-ranging array of designs and choice for you to browse and feel inspired by. That way, you'll know you've made the right choice. And your guests will, too.

The Striking Impact Behind and Design Insights for Hotel Floral Arrangements

Large hotel lobby floral arrangements are an immediate way to grab guests’ attention and enhance the image of your hotel. If handled properly and smoothly executed, it's a way for you to serve up a lively introduction to your property and more than a tad bit of intrigue. We work with all kinds of materials and types of blossoms for maximum impact and a meticulous attention to detail that won't escape the notice of your guests.

In your hotel lobby or within rooms you might wish to include tropical plants that excite or create colour contrasts and textural nuances, such as red anthuriums, birds of paradise (or heliconia), ginger flowers, philodendra and other small indoor green plants. Bamboo, cherry blossoms, willow and birch branches, chestnut, and lotus blossoms for indoor pool and fountain decoration aren't just ways to raise the level of feng shui interior design. This kind of flower work and attention to detail build ambiance and allows guests to slip into a space where they are at ease, serene, and able to fully enjoy their experience. 

Our professionally supplied floral designs verge on living art to fill your lobby, reception area, front desk, restaurants and bar top areas, and of course guest rooms, suites and VIP areas.

You might choose a mixture of large and tall floral arrangements for installation in prominent guest areas, hallways, beside the lifts, and generally in anticipation of high profile events or private parties. Of course this includes seasonal designs--Christmas flowers, wintry seasonal designs, summer flowers, traditional or religiously affiliated summer, autumn weddings or any other wedding flowers. The key is to make people feel comfortable, at home and relaxed.

For this, try giving your guests a greeting via hotel lobby flowers and hotel foyer flower arrangements to embody luxury and create a fully immersive, welcoming and relaxing environment that can be appreciated regardless of whether guests have come to you for business or pleasure.

The Importance of Hotel Flower Lobby Design

The importance of flower arrangements in the hotel industry can't be underestimated. Large hotel lobby floral arrangements and variety in your hotel lobby flower design is a way to showcase the unique aspects and allure of your hotel experience. Luxury hotel floral arrangements accentuate the thought and excellence behind your existing service offering for guests, whether it's the bold nightlife and cocktail bar, an extravagant dining room and unparallelled culinary experience, or the history and beauty of the architecture itself.

An array of compelling, innovative displays and designs for your hotel floral arrangements is nothing short of that magic touch to cap the unforgettable hotel experience. Luxury hotel floral arrangements become the backdrop for outstanding service.

Stand out from the crowd of other hotels and venues with truly spectacular, stunning floral arrangements and designs from the expert London florist. We are eager to showcase years of experience by winning over customers and pleasantly surprising even our most regular clients. We provide you with a marvellous, new way to display exotic plants and floral designs to impress your guests.

With a flair for dramatic and always tasteful designs, our love of flowers and an ever-lasting dedication to our customer, you can rely on us to create a design that is truly unique, profound, provocative, special. Contact us today to find out more about how Todich Floral Design can design and deliver beautiful floral arrangements and hotel flowers for you.