Flowers for Restaurants and Bars

Whether is it's a one-off piece for a special function or a regular weekly vase to bring a seasonal splash of colour to the interior of your space our experienced florists are here to help.

On Floral trend with expert florist Todich Floral Design

Flowers and floral prints are this season must have. Prints are on the catwalk, in display windows and in our homes. We see large floral prints on dresses, walking down the catwalk. We wear them to work and they are on prominent display in our business waiting areas. This season, flower floral prints are the must have accessories. We are all going print crazy!

At Todich floral design, we are here to help you incorporate those prints into your home and business life. Doing a spot of decorating and thinking of revamping your waiting area-then let us help you. With our office arrangements, we can combine the prints in your upholstery with some of the office flowers and office plants we have, in order to compliment the room and create a cohesive story. The same can be done for your restaurant waiting area. Through using our restaurant flowers London service, we can update and brighten your waiting area, using some of the popular flowers that are on trend in the fashion world at present.

Through the use of our restaurant flowers, we can breathe new life into your waiting area. As a result London florist Todich Floral Design can create focus points using bar flowers and plants for those dinners getting drinks while they wait. As well as restaurants plants that will get the customer talking. Spiking their interest into how the floral design was created by the restaurants florist. By using our tips and knowledge of the floral trend this season, we can recommend flowers that will create a pleasant scented atmosphere, which will wet the senses of your potential dinners. We at Todich Floral Design, recognise that outside dining, is not just about feeding for your stomach, but also about feeding your senses. As a result, our restaurant florists can create cohesive stories, using our floral arrangements to feed the visual senses of your dinners. Whilst accomplishing the feet of enhancing, brightening and show casing your establishment with our floral designs. 

With our online flower delivery service, we can ensure that you receive fresh flowers each day to maintain the atmosphere within your establishment; thus ensuring that visitors will always feel welcome. By using restaurant plants or restaurant flowers within the waiting area of your establishment, you are creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting. To further enhance your guests dinning experience our restaurants florists in London, could use floral designs that are colour specific. As a result the colour scheme for your floral design could change on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring that the floral trend within your establishment remains up to date. This then creates the impression that your waiting area is constantly new and rejuvenated, preventing comparisons of being dated or old.

At bar and restaurant florists Todich Floral Design, we are not slaves to every prevailing trend that is happening in society and fashion. However we do take notes of trends that have longevity. Thus while it seems that floral prints and the use of flowers in fashion design, has appeared over night, it has not. Floral designs and the use of flowers have always happened; it has just become one of the dominant design tools in fashion this year. In previous years the pastel pallet has often taken dominance. However like with flowers, the bold and bright petal prints, of oranges, blues, reds, yellows, purples, have now taken their turn.

By using flowers that are bold in colour, you attract the naked eye to your establishment, whilst conveying the impression of a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere. As flowers are a great tool to communicate with; impressions are important in trying to demonstrate that your establishment is worth dining in.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the floral scheme this season in your homes and businesses. The boom in floral prints and its influx on the catwalk and the high street, mean that floral prints are no longer consigned to your grandmother’s sofa or curtains. Floral designs have been updated to convey a new modern feel.  The versatile use of the floral design print means, that it is transferable and transformable to any and every establishment. Whether in a restaurant where restaurant florists can use bar flowers or restaurant flowers to create a design that is based upon images found in fashion. Thus it is just about, how you interpret the style to suit your environment. Whether you use large or small bold flower petals to draw attention to what you prefer; the print is a most effective tool.

Therefore, as the sun is shining and the weather is hot. It is the time! Look around and reassess your decorative schemes within your home or business. Whether you want to use floral prints and flowers as part of a floral arrangement, to highlight a new feature in your home, or part of an accent in your business, the opportunity is all around you, to use one of the key trends of the summer to affect change, in your establishment.

At Todich Floral Design, we have the very best flowers for restaurants that will show case your business in the best light possible. Our restaurant florist knows how to use the latest trends to create the best floral arrangements that not only suit your personal preference but also compliments your business. We are here to offer sound advice and guidance, so contact us at Todich Floral Design and speak to us, in regards to how to use the floral trend within your establishment. We can offer you quotes and our restaurant florist London services to help you to achieve the look that will transform your establishment.

What are you waiting for! Contact our florists through our website and speak to our expert florists, and begin the transformation process of your establishment at once. We can recommend tips, how use to the flowers you can have delivered to create a cohesive and beautiful design in your place of work or home. Just remember that is often about quality, rather than quantity and how you use it.