Corporate Events Flowers

Conference table centres, exhibition stand plants, special promotion bouquets, product launch flowers, to name only a few things we can do for you. We work with you and for you to produce the perfect solution.


Weekly Office Flowers London and Flowers for Corporate Functions Businesses Simply Can't Do Without!

We provide weekly corporate flowers delivery in London and installation for office reception areas. Flower arrangements for office receptions are ways to raise employee morale, greet clients, and promote an image of progressiveness and sense of overall well being from within your organisation. Even if you happen to work in a more conservative or traditional business environment, such as an office building, a bank or a formal restaurant, the right corporate florist can help boost your business.

Regular and ongoing corporate floral services and corporate event flowers from Todich Floral Design are ways in which you can create a highly cohesive, energising company culture and purposeful alignment among employees, all the while showcasing your brand's singular style or reflecting the goals, your successes, and the reasons for your event and celebration.

Flowers for Corporate Events: How to Create and Gauge Your Impact

Flowers for corporate events set the tone for your event and make it into a deliberate experience for all participants and attendees involved, whether it is a company wide celebration, a fundraising gala, networking event, an occasion for client success, grand opening, launch party or anything that might benefit by flowers for corporate functions. We are a top event florist in London with nearly 20 years of experience of serving high profile clients and the biggest names in the hospitality industry.

Designing stunning event flowers and providing incredible, award-winning and industry recognised customer service, we are experts in floral design. Our cutting-edge and elegant designs are created by expert florists uniquely familiar with London's top venues. To this end, we are able to professionally advise and guide you through the aspects of event planning while coordinating the style and decorum for your special event.

Be it advice on restaurant floral arrangements, club flowers, pub flowers or bar flowers, we consistently offer corporate flowers London business owners can rely on no matter where you are holding your event. We deliver fresh flowers, use industry best practice, and play the unique layout and setting of the venue to your advantage every time.

In a banquet hall, hotel lounge, VIP venue, rooftop, patio or garden, you can relax and feel confident, enjoy the party that you have worked so hard to have. Meanwhile, we always arrive early to set up flowers for corporate events, communicate beforehand with on-site staff, and continue to work behind the scenes to make sure that everything goes as planned--absolutely flawless. At the end of the evening or after the party, our aim is to provide an experience that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Making a Statement and Setting the Mood: Flowers for Corporate Functions and Fresh Flowers Daily

Corporate flower displays contribute toward establishing a mood that is distinct from the outside world and goes a long way in helping your employees, partners or colleagues to (in a positive and fruitful sense) cultivate and perpetuate a productive distinction between what is going on outdoors versus what is happening inside, at the workplace. Switching gears, so speak, is a way for people to make the leap from leisure to greater intention, to a focused state of mind and creative problem-solving. Colourful gerberas daisies, yellow daffodils, white tulips, violets, purple to fuchsia or white orchids, azalea flowers and potted shrubs, including mini rose bushes, and an array of other office flowers can help clean the air, brighten the office atmosphere, and imbue a lush, positive and creative energy for any space.

Corporate flower arrangements are of course, too, there for you to bring nature into the office, which has its own set of benefits and is particularly important to office spaces and work environments that are situated in big cities and urban centres. Flower arrangements for office receptions encourage people to thrive, just as plants and flowers do when well maintained.

Indoor green plants and office plants are low-maintenance ways to make space feel more attractive and lavish, healthy and conducive to productivity, even if you don't have a green thumb yourself. Of course we are happy to help you routinely care for and maintain your office plants as a part of our floral service package.

Peace lilies, snake plants (or Sansevieria), miniature cacti in a pot, spindly and tall Dracaena plants--these and other office plants are especially effective for reducing pollutants in the air, are pleasant to meditate upon, and very friendly for offices equipped with wooden flooring. Spider plants, jade plants, ficus trees, aloe and bamboo, and succulents in general are a variety of plants for your office that prove to be very easy to care for.

These office plants also make for easy transport between rooms or cubicles and can be tucked away on the tops of desks, book shelves, and windowsills. You really have many choices in office flowers and plants, which our florists are happy to discus during a free consultation and introductory advisement session. What is especially nice about these office plants is that they can also be utilised in place of or as supplements to flowers for corporate functions, as centrepieces or plant decorations that are dispersed and sprinkled throughout your venue.

At Todich Floral Design we are also able to offer you corporate flowers prices on a budget in addition to incredible designs and fantastic customer service. Here is just a brief overview of what kind weekly floral services and benefits we provide in addition to our flowers for corporate events:

  • A free week-long office floral service whenever you purchase 2 months or more of service from Todich Floral Design
  • An introductory meeting and get-to-know-you session, during which we hold a flowers consultation and chat about design and decor preferences at your selected location
  • London flower delivery that is customised, brand specific and tailored to your event
  • Expert installation and maintenance care of flowers for corporate functions, as well as delivery and care for daily corporate floral displays and flowers for company trainings
  • Customer satisfaction and flower freshness guarantee
  • Option for customised handling of monthly billing for simplified and easy to make payments
  • Easy access to and management of your account online. And more!

Weekly flowers deliver in London does not just hold benefits for traditional offices and larger corporations with substantially sized lobbies, private offices and cubicles. The many different performance studies and demonstrated positive impact of green plants and flowers in and around offices even holds true for group work spaces and cooperative or collective work space, where there is already a higher degree of purpose, cohesion and intentionality.

Hotel Reception Flowers for Business Meetings, Product Launches, Media Productions and Parties, Fashion Events and more

Apart from specialising in flowers for corporate events, Todich Floral Design is also an expert in creating hotel reception flowers and hotel room flower decoration. Our impressive custom floral design and decor ideas for hotel flower arrangements enhances and elaborates upon existing areas and available furniture--desks, tabletops, foyers, coffee tables and artfully lit hallways--in combination with balanced colour schemes and the current themes for your space.

Hotel style flower arrangements must pay attention to variance in fabrics, ceiling heights, any number of vases available (glass, ceramic, crystal and stone), window fixtures, table centres and green plant displays and standalone exhibits. Nothing can be overlooked in order to create an experience that remains in memory and is truly impactful long after the event itself. That is why these and a number of others are factors we will account for and employ to devise a coherent, compelling and eye catching room from the second guests arrive, and just as they enter the hotel lobby.

Best Indoor Plants for Restaurants, Bar Tops and Perfectly Lit Corners

Nothing is worse than a naked corner or a space in your restaurant or bar that actually seems bare. Sourcing and maintaining the best flowers for restaurant tables is also equally important in the hospitality industry, something we at Todich Floral Design take seriously and are happy to assist our clients with. Sitting down with you beforehand and communicating throughout the entire process, from brainstorming ideas to the installation itself, we identify the best ways to mix and match materials, colour palettes and floral design. The end result is not just something that suits your ethos, the origins of your cuisine, the history of your restaurant...but it works with each aspect of the experience you are trying to create and enhances them all together.

Flower displays that are compelling, attention grabbing, and yet not overly loud. Not something that is brash or pulls patrons, clients and guests out of an experience that is harmonious and should remain uninterrupted. In other words, you want something that is striking while well balanced in terms of floral designs. This is crucial if you want to craft a seamless, complete ambiance. The same flowers for corporate functions can serve in restaurants and bars as proper backdrop, a bright and colourful accent to your restaurant flowers.

Designing and delivering flowers for corporate events at restaurants and high profile venues in the past, we have helped clients decide between maidenhair ferns, evergreen plants, English ivy and small palms serving as glossy, green accentuation on the ideal evening or a subdued way of brightening rooms for any afternoon affair. Our team has worked in collaboration with event planners on-site staff in the Berkeley Hotel, Lagham, Mandarin Oriental, Westbury and other luxury hotel chains. Even after so many years in the business, we are constantly taking note of best practises, drawing inspiration from the latest trends in floral fashion, and acquiring new skills for our clients.

Also, keep in mind that a flowers display conducive to your restaurant's atmosphere is one that takes customers and diners away from their day-to-day. Todich Floral Design offers a free consultation and ongoing floral advice to maximise the space you have at your disposal and take advantage of your venue's natural layout. Flowers for corporate events held in London's finest restaurants or as catered cocktail receptions are one of our specialities. Beautiful flowers are, after all, a symbol of joy.

Creating custom designs for flowers in restaurants, we talk out what you need and your aims and the underlying purpose behind the event or restaurant atmosphere. Then we take into account everything for the complete success of your evening, including appropriate lighting, table linens and floral centrepieces, balloons, vases, indoor plants, favours and gifts. Flower arrangements range from tall and striking displays to the subtler, softer touch and warmer colour appeals. Fishbowl flower arrangements on tables and bar tops are also very popular flower arrangements among clients.

We make sure each detail is in place to allow your guests to appreciate, to eat, taste, drink and relax while enjoying each others’ company. We are eager to help you make incredible, lasting memories and celebrate occasions that will be cherished and remain over the course of a lifetime. Contact Todich Floral Design today to fill your space and set the tone you want with stunning floral designs. As a corporate florist and expert in events flowers and the best restaurant flowers out there, we can help you host the truly perfect event or evening.

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