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London wedding florist Todich Floral Design has many years' experience creating wedding flowers, wedding decorations and wedding flower arrangements for a wide variety of ceremonies, from small intimate affairs to large luxury weddings with hundreds of guests.

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Our free online Wedding Flowers Wish List can save you time and effort too, enabling you to mix and match bridal flowers, bridesmaid bouquets, hair flowers, corsages and buttonholes, wedding reception flowers and more.

The skilled team of London wedding florists and floral designers at Todich Floral Design will work with you closely from the minute we meet to ensure the flowers for your big day exceed your expectations and dreams, and are a beautiful reflection of your personality and style. In a free consultation at a location of your choice, we will discuss your wedding bouquets, corsages, buttonholes, church wedding designs or ceremony flowers and wedding reception flowers and come up with a proprosal that is as unique as you and your partner's to be.

As well as wedding flower ideas and a free Wedding Flowers Wish List, here's what we provide:

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want for your wedding floral decoration or need some help coming up with ideas, our wedding florists will help shape and deliver your vision of your dream wedding day. From chic, contemporary wedding flowers to traditional church pew ends, candelabras and table centrepieces, we have gained a reputation for providing stunning decorations and an excellent service, and have a huge variety of props, containers and vases for you to choose from. As well as many different shaped glass vases, mirrors and urns, we can also provide more unusual items such floral arches, crates, birdcages, candelabras and ceiling decorations too.

Your ideas and personality combined with our experience as one of the best florists in London will ensure that your wedding day is a day to remember!

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Wedding Flower Designs and Themes

There are many different wedding flower designs and themes you can choose for your wedding, from rustic and vintage to modern designer wedding flowers. But no matter your budget for your wedding flowers, wedding florist Todich Floral Design's flower decoration service and team will provide inspiration and tips on how you can get the best flowers in London or the UK for your wedding.

Vintage, rustic and English country garden wedding themes are still going strong, and these often include wedding reception decorations featuring table centrepieces in jam jars, small crystal vases, mixed containers or urns. Other items such as milk bottles, crates, vintage food tins and drinks bottles are also popular to help create this look. In 2013 we saw a resurgence of the art deco style too, thanks to the launch of the hugely popular blockbuster film The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo di Caprio.

Weddings in unusual venues such as barns, warehouses or marquees can also provide a spectacular backdrop for your special day, and your wedding flowers and decorations can be adapted to suit their décor and style. Barns could demand a rustic style of wedding flowers, but equally something modern to provide a contrasting look. Equally a modern warehouse may look good with wild designs, or you may wish to complement it with something strikingly modern and chic. Marquees can cater for virtually any style, from pretty and quaint through to avant garde.

Wedding themes can also of course be based on colour, with pastels one of the most frequent choices, but increasingly all white, neutral or contrasting bright themes are seen too. Colour schemes for wedding flowers often depend on the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses, or perhaps the overarching theme of the day. For example the all white or neutral colour palette is popular for designer wedding décor, whereas a mix of bright colours is often used to complement an eclectic theme. Subtle mixes of pastels, often including peaches and pinks mixed with light or mint greens is often used for the rustic or shabby-chic look.

It is not unusual now to have weddings in more quirky venues too, such as teepees or on boats. Again, your wedding flower designs can easily be adapted for these, and you should look for a wedding florist who demonstrates that they can easily adapt and provide suitable designs for your chosen place.

Bridal Wedding Flowers and Bridesmaids Bouquets Delivered in London

The team at Todich Floral Design's online flower company in London loves working on bridal bouquet ideas and designing fresh flower bridal bouquets. Being based near the city centre means Todich Floral Design has access to the best flowers in London via New Covent Garden Flower Market, which it visits daily for stock and ideas. The market is a constant source of inspiration as the flowers change throughout the seasons and also has a number of suppliers who provide a fantastic range of containers, vases and props, which enable Todich Floral Design to provide a huge variety of options to its clients as well as a full wedding décor service in London and the UK.

Todich Floral Design can provide bridal bouquet flowers in many different styles, from traditional wedding bouquets such as shower bouquets, wired bouquets and arm sheafs or presentation bouquets, to modern designer bridal bouquets or loose, natural hand-tied wedding flower bouquets. Bridesmaids' flowers are usually similar to the bridal wedding flowers in terms of colour scheme and style, but you can all have slightly different designs too if you wish, they don't all need to match. Your wedding florist will ensure that even if you all have something slightly different, the overall look and feel is cohesive and in harmony.

Particularly if you have young bridesmaids, bridesmaid pomanders, little bridesmaid baskets, or a small bridesmaid posy or bridesmaid bouquet can be nice. These can be designed using similar flowers to the brides' flowers so that everything comes together and complements each other beautifully. The pomander has been a particularly popular choice in recent years and these have the added benefit that they can double up as wedding reception decorations too, either hung from the ceiling, overhead beams or banisters. That is, if you can prise them from the hands of your little helpers afterwards! Similarly if you are on a tight budget for wedding flowers, your bridal flowers and bridesmaids bouquets can be re-used in this way too by popping them in to vases and having them act as wedding table centrepieces or your main head table designs, along with perhaps single stems of the same flowers in small vases on guest tables dotted around.

For brides who want some help getting an idea of their wedding flowers budget, online flower company and wedding florist Todich Floral Design has a free Wedding Flowers Wish List where a selection of ready-made bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flowers, buttonholes and corsages as well as wedding reception flower designs can be selected in order to generate a quote. For wedding flowers in London, Todich Floral Design's prices and services for bridal flowers and wedding decoration services in London are hard to beat.

Wedding Reception Flowers

The design team at top wedding florist in London Todich Floral Design loves the opportunity that wedding reception flowers provide to get creative. As floral designs for wedding receptions can now be extremely varied and need no longer consist of just simple table centrepieces in oasis bases or vases, this gives the team a wide reign in terms of creativity and it is here that we (and you!) can really let our imaginations run wild.

From designer luxury wedding reception decorations in London's top venues including Café Royal and the Painted Hall in Greenwich, to traditional church wedding decorations, London wedding florist and floral designer Todich Floral Design has provided wedding reception flowers for ceremonies both small and large all over the country and has an enormous variety of props, vases and accessories that it can provide for hire and within its wedding reception flower designs.

As one of the best florists in London, online flower company and designer Todich Floral Design specialises in designer wedding décor and offers one of the best wedding flower delivery services in London plus a professional installation service by its expert florists. With its vast range of experience and supplies, London florist Todich Floral Design can cater for many different kinds of wedding style and theme, from boho and rustic to modern and chic, for those on a budget and for those wanting something really spectacular too.

In terms of wedding reception flower styles, Todich Floral Design has worked on a huge variety of designs, from luxurious all-white wedding reception arrangements of roses and orchids perched on elegant silver candelabras, to wild natural wedding reception designs of dahlias and peonies in rustic wooden crates and jam jars. Large designs and arrangements such as overflowing urns on pedestals, floral arches and swags, and towering, tall martini glasses and vases featuring a wide variety of flowers and colour combinations have also been created and installed in venues throughout London and the UK by our expert team.

Todich Floral Design wedding florist is also extremely flexible when it comes to the range of budgets and requests it can cater for. Whether you have something simple, small and intimate in mind, or are looking for something more extravagant that creates a truly spectacular impact, Todich Floral Design flowers in London will be delighted to work with you and your partner to provide unique wedding flowers which are sure to wow your guests on your special day. Unlike some of the more famous and well-known florists, Todich Floral Design is able to cater for budgets large and small and will not turn you away if you want to spend less than £500.

Buttonholes, Corsages and Headdresses for London Brides

When it comes to buttonholes, corsages and floral wedding headdresses, these can either be a subtle, simple reflection of your bridal wedding flowers and wedding reception displays, or something spectacular and unique in their own right. In the past, gentlemens' wedding buttonholes used to be a simple carnation or rose backed by a few fern or ivy leaves, but now they, as your main wedding flowers, can be customised to match your unique style, personality or wedding theme. One recent trend for men has been to add little lego pieces to their buttonholes, for example if they are a a massive Star Wars fan you can add a little Lego Chewbacca to their design!

Wedding corsages have also become more ornate for ladies, reflecting the trend in the US for large prom-style wrist corsages. These can be a nice alternative for younger members of the bridal party but also for those who do not wish to ruin a silk dress or delicate gown with pin holes. Corsages are great as they can sit in a variety of places, from the traditional spot at the centre of the chest, to on a hand-bag, hat, hairpiece, hair comb or hairband.

Floral headbands and wearing flowers in the hair remain popular too for those brides who want a more natural look, or to complement their hairstyle and pick up accents from their bridal bouquet. There has been a trend in recent years for really large, abundant floral headdresses and floral headpieces, but it is equally possible to have something very dainty and subtle too.

Pretty floral headbands look really cute on young bridesmaids, even if you don't fancy wearing one yourself or having them for your older bridesmaids. Todich Floral Design often finds that little girls love wearing these too and are delighted when they first set eyes on that special headdress they will be wearing for the big day! It's something they can take away too and is less likely to get thrown on the floor or dropped than a bouquet!

If you don't fancy a full ring of flowers, then a good florist will easily be able to create something that can be wired on to any comb or other hairpiece you have found, or we can simply provide some flowers on wires that can be attached or braided directly in to your hair.

Wedding Flowers for different religions and faiths

Specialist wedding florists Todich Floral Design provides wedding decorations and wedding decoration services in London and the UK for a variety of faiths and religions. The flower design company has worked on Christian wedding decorations and Christian wedding flowers, Hindu wedding flowers, Japanese wedding flowers, Jewish weddings, Sikh weddings and Muslim wedding flowers. Church flowers for weddings between Christians and Catholics can be provided too.

The flower shop in London has also worked on ceremonies involving a variety of different religions, as well as interfaith weddings and Civil Partnership commitment ceremonies. Whatever your needs in terms of catering for your faith or religion in your wedding flower designs and decorations, Todich Floral Design can help. Flower arrangements for weddings in churches, synagogues, mosques and also agnostic or humanist ceremonies can also be provided. UK wedding florists Todich Floral Design are delighted to help clients from all walks of life and from all different faiths decide on floral decorations for their big days.

About Wedding Florist in London Todich Floral Design

As well as wedding flowers, award-winning wedding and events florist Todich Floral Design provides flowers for a range of different occasions. From corporate flowers for offices and hotels, to restaurant flowers and designs for bar flowers, plus event flowers for media launches, private parties and TV production sets, Todich Floral Design's team specialises in using its wealth of knowledge and experience to transform clients' floral requests and briefs in to stunning, innovative displays that capture the imagination and go beyond expectations to truly take your breath away.

With a long-standing reputation for quality flowers and great customer service, Todich Floral Design has been in business since 1998 and has a team of expert designers and florists boasting many years' experience in the business. Founded by Zlatko "Todd" Todic, it was named Best Business for Customer Service as the Lambeth Business Awards in 2011 and continues to build on this success with a growing and satisfied base of clients for office flowers, corporate flowers, event flowers and private events alike.

Todich Floral Design is privileged to be able to say that it has worked with some of the best and well-known businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars in London, but the team also gains so much satisfaction from working with smaller clients and brides too and delights in seeing the happiness that its beautiful floral designs bring to them, their events and offices.

Providing corporate flowers in London can be a challenge as obviously a key brief for office arrangements is to keep costs down. The expert team at Todich Floral Design specialise in getting more out of less though, and enjoy the challenge of creating corporate flower arrangements that product minimum cost but maximum impact. Having corporate plants that last is one option to keep costs down and this is something Todich Floral Design can provide, advise on and maintain too.

Flowers for restaurants and bar flowers and plants are extremely important as they help set the mood and atmosphere for clients, therefore it's essential to work with a florist who understands your image and ethos, and can translate this in to your floral designs.

Finally, when it comes to event flower design, this is one area you really want to choose a partner than can help you provide the wow factor and knows how to make a big impact with flowers at private events. Whether it's a media launch, private party, corporate or client dinner, Todich Floral Design knows how to help you set the tone and will ensure that even if your guests are wilting at the end of the night, it's flowers will not!

So, whether you're looking for the perfect partner for your wedding day, corporate event, office, restaurant, bar flowers or even film-set, contact Todich Floral Design today to arrange a consultation or quote.