Bridal Flowers by Luxury Wedding Florist in London

We have years of experience in preparing bridal flowers for the big day. We will listen to your requests and will recommend a wedding flower style that matches your personality.

Bridal Flowers Styles

There is a huge range of wedding flower bouquets to choose from. You can browse wedding flowers online to get some ideas, plus there are plenty of magazines now which include features on different types of bridal bouquets and tips on how to choose a bridal bouquet. With hundreds of florists to choose from it can seem overwhelming to choose wedding bouquets in London, but London wedding florist Todich Floral Design is a good starting point.

With a reputation for quality and a personal service, it is one of the best florists in London and can cater for a variety of different styles and tastes. We can provide fresh flower bridal bouquets in a range of styles, from traditional bridal bouquet designs such as cascading waterfalls, teardrops, wired and oasis-based posies, sheaf bouquets and even heart-shaped bride bouquets, to designer wedding bouquets and simple hand tied bridal posies, which are very popular today.

The style of bridesmaids flowers usually mirrors and complements the bride’s flowers, but, particularly if you have younger bridesmaids, the bridesmaid pomander, little bridesmaid baskets, a smaller bridesmaid posy or bridesmaid bouquet is often favoured. You don’t have to all go for exactly the same shape, we will work with you to ensure all the designs complement each other perfectly.

Wedding flower designs are no longer as restricted as they used to be and London wedding florists Todich Floral Design relish the opportunity that these special events provide to get creative. From church wedding decorations, to grand scale wedding decorations in London hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental and the Dorchester, Todich Floral Design has worked on flower decorations for weddings both large and small throughout the UK and has a massive stock of props, containers and vases that it can hire out and use to cater for a variety of themes, cultures and venues.

Designer wedding décor is a speciality of these UK wedding florists who offer one of the best wedding flower delivery services in London. Garlands, pedestals, floral arches, oversized martini glasses and large glass vases often play key features in large scale wedding floral decoration and Todich Floral Design has a big stock of these in its studio that are available for use within its own wedding flowers and decorations, or for hire if clients want to use them alone.

In terms of London wedding flowers suppliers, Todich Floral Design is one of the most flexible in terms of the range of budgets and requirements it can cater for. Whether you’re looking for a designer wedding décor, or have a more simple style in mind, Todich Floral Design wedding decorators in London are happy to work with you to provide something innovative and special for your big day. Unlike some of the larger wedding decoration companies in London, we can work with budgets both large and small, and we even have a free wedding flowers budget planner for brides who want to quickly pre-select designs and generate a quote.

Bridal Flowers Colours

As well as deciding on the style, another huge part of choosing a bridal bouquet is determining the colours to be used. Traditional bridal bouquets are often in pastel or neutral hues, whereas a more recent modern trend is to go for bridal bouquet flowers in colourful, clashing brights. Wedding florist Todich Floral Design’s experienced team of floral designers are highly trained and specialise in advising clients on appropriate colour combinations to help match and complement their style or theme.

As summer is the most popular time for weddings in the UK, many wedding bridal bouquets are made up of typically summery pastels; from pinks, peaches and creams to light yellows, baby blues, lilacs and mint greens. These can be combined together to create a monochromatic design, or mixed and matched to provide some contrast in your bridal bouquet and wedding flower arrangements.

Neutral coloured bridal wedding bouquets are now very popular too, and there are many flowers available that can cater for neutral wedding bouquet designs, which come in beige, white and cream tones. Very light, dusty pinks or lilacs also work well in neutral wedding flower schemes, and in floristry green is a neutral colour too, so foliage in deep dark greens or lighter shades of mint or silvery gray-green can equally be used.

Bright, contrasting colours create a striking impact and are bang on trend nowadays. They also work particularly well for spring wedding flower arrangements. Yellows and oranges give a great contrast to purples and also equally offset bright blues. Reds and greens and hot or pale pinks and pistachio are a fantastic option too, as are violets and lavenders combined with limes, bright and darker greens. Or for those who are really brave the whole colour spectrum can be combined.

When considering colour options for your bridal bouquet, you also need to think about your bridesmaid bouquets, wedding venue flowers, wedding corsages, buttonhole designs and wedding reception flowers, as all of these should have a similar style and colour scheme in order to create a cohesive overall effect. The expert floral designers at London and UK wedding florist Todich Floral Design can work with you to suggest combinations that you haven’t perhaps thought of, and which may come as a pleasant surprise!

Seasonal Bridal Flowers for London Weddings

A good way to keep the cost of your bridal flowers and wedding flower arrangements down and to get the most out of your budget is to select and use seasonal flowers. Spring and summer offer an abundance of blooms to choose from for your wedding flowers, but Autumn and Winter are surprisingly equally as fruitful too, in terms of the variety of flowers on offer.

Spring Bridal Flowers - In Spring there are some flowers available with really striking attributes and shapes, including Agapanthus, Anemones, Bouvardia, Calla Lilies (which are a favourite for wedding flowers), Cornflowers,  Delphiniums, Gloriosa, Hyacinth, Iris, Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus (daffodils), Orchids, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas and Tulips. These provide a huge variety of colours and forms for your wedding florist to work with, so no matter what style you’re after, you’ll be spoilt for choice in spring, particularly if you’re looking for splashes of bright colour.

Summer Bridal Flowers - Summer brings lots of really pretty, delicate flowers, which are perfect for brides who are looking for an English country garden or vintage wedding flowers style. These include Aster, Alchemilla, Carnations, Cornflower, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Delphinium, Gypsophila, Hydrangea, Lavendar, Nerine, Nigella, Peonies, Phlox, Roses, Sweet Peas and Zinnias (similar to Dahlias). Pastel colours abound in summer and peonies have become particularly popular wedding flowers in recent years. They can be found year-round, but be aware that summer is when they’re actually in season so they will be less expensive then.

Autumn Bridal Flowers - In early Autumn many of these summer wedding flowers continue to be available too, plus we see the arrival of more striking blooms such as Acacia, Amaryllis, Echinops, Euphorbia, Gladiolus, Hypericum, Lilac, Lisianthus and Marigolds. The colour palette starts to move from baby pastels to rich reds, oranges, golds, deep purples and blues, thus taking on richer tones, which are perfect for adding warmth to your wedding decorations colour scheme as the temperature starts to cool.

Winter Bridal Flowers - Winter weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look to keep the cost of their wedding down, but are also in search of an alternative theme. The imminent festive season makes for a wonderful atmosphere and wedding reception flower designs. Wedding bouquets for different faith and religions

Wedding bouquets for different faith and religions

Todich Floral Design can provide wedding and bridal bouquets and wedding flower decorations for a range of different faiths and religions and has experience working on traditional Christian wedding flowers, Hindu wedding flowers, Japanese weddings, Jewish weddings, Sikh weddings and Muslim wedding ceremonies. Church flowers for weddings between Christians and Catholics are a speciality, but this London florist has also worked on a number of ceremonies with other religions, plus interfaith weddings and Civil Partnership commitment ceremonies. Whatever your faith or religion, if you’re getting married in a church, synagogue, mosque, or are agnostic and having a humanist ceremony, UK wedding florists Todich Floral Design will be delighted to help you create the floral decorations for your special day.

Budgeting for Your Bridal Bouquet in London

Choosing your bridal bouquet should be an enjoyable task but you do have to bear your overall budget and your total wedding flowers budget in mind. With a small budget, for example, it is not realistic to expect that you will be able to have lots of wedding flower arrangements, as well as buttonholes, corsages, a large bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The smallest budget you could probably start with for a wedding would be around £400, which would stretch to a few modest bouquets, plus a limited number of buttonholes and corsages, and some small, or just a few wedding ceremony and wedding reception arrangements.

The minimum price for a reasonably sized bridal bouquet usually starts at around £40 to £50, which could make a lovely little posy or hand-tied bridal bouquet design. Bear in mind that you may want a second replica bridal bouquet to throw too, if you want to dry, press or keep the original as many brides do. The replica can be made less expensive, but you should still factor in at least £25 for this. Bridal bouquets can reach up to £200 or even more if you’re going for a large design or expensive flowers. So make sure you discuss all this with your florist and ask them about seasonality too, as flowers will be more expensive when they are out of season.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets usually start at around £30, and again, this would be for something quite basic and small. But fear not, this doesn’t mean it won’t make an impact. A skilled florist will work with you to recommend flowers that make the most of your budget while still catering for your personal tastes. If you want to add some wedding buttonholes, corsages, a few wedding ceremony decorations such as pew ends and altar flowers, then a couple of table centrepieces for the wedding reception, then this will take your basic budget up to a very minimum of around £400-£500 overall.

So for a small wedding, a minimum budget of £500 for bridal flowers and wedding flower arrangements is realistic, but if you wish to add more decorations such as entrance displays, garlands, pedestals, large displays, and additional buttonholes, table arrangements and thank you bouquets, and have quite an extravagant bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets in mind, then you are probably looking at more like £750 to £1000 or more.

When we move upwards of £2000, then we are starting to move in to the realms of designer wedding flowers, which really allow the wedding florist to unleash their potential on your bridal bouquet design and wedding decorations.

For brides who want to start getting an idea of budget, Todich Floral Design has created a free online wedding flowers budget planner which features a range of wedding flower designs that can be pre-selected, plus the option to upload photos so you can share your thoughts on your wedding decorations with family and friends. Try our wedding flowers budget planner today, or contact the wedding flowers team to request a quote.