Christian Wedding Flowers

Christian brides will absolutely love these floral designs and flowers for a traditional Christian wedding ceremony and reception

Traditions and Inspirations Behind Christian Wedding Ceremonies

Believe it or not, many Christian wedding symbols and traditions are quite familiar to people of all backgrounds, religions, faiths and beliefs. Understanding the deeper meaning and symbolism of a traditional Christian wedding ceremony can be a source of inspiration, a way to deepen your own personal connection to faith and to each other, to the feelings of joy as you say your vows and undertake the journey of marriage together, and then celebrate your union with beloved family and friends. 

The idea of wedding corsages, a wedding buttonhole for the groom and groomsmen, and bridesmaid bouquets go back to ancient cultures, Greek and Roman society, and even to early Chinese culture. Bridal bouquets, too, have a long and illustrious history, which have since become part and parcel of Christian wedding themes ideas.

You just need to look at certain traditions for Christian wedding theme ideas: tossing rice, the bridal veil worn before she walks down the aisle, the breaking of a glass by the groom (interpreted differently in different cultures), the multi-tiered white wedding cake, the white gown, tossing of the bridal bouquet at the wedding ceremony, and even the exchanging of rings between bride and groom, which represents the union, linking and circular ongoing nature of the journey through life husband and wife undergo together.

Christian Wedding Theme Ideas

Christian wedding theme ideas can go in a number of directions based on bride and grooms values and preferences for the style and emphasis of the ceremony and reception. Natural wood tones, braids and tassells, usage of foliage and cascading greenery are popular among Christian couples. Simple white flower arrangements can be enough to make you swoon. Candle lit ceremonies, the unity cross, scripture, rustic outdoor weddings and beautiful church decorations can transform your wedding day into your happiest day, and one that you will be able to look back on (and see the pictures of!) for years and years to come.  

Christian Wedding Centrepieces

Many Christian wedding centrepieces take inspiration from meaningful personal memories, church, scripture, your own personal taste in flowers, and the bride and grooms’ colour preferences. Some Christian wedding centrepieces for your wedding might include a wooden placard or framed version of the bride and grooms’ favourite verse that has touched them in their own lives, individually and as a couple.

In addition to centrepiece flowers, lavender or white wild flowers like Queen Anne’s lace are beautiful additions to Christian wedding centrepieces. Raw sections of birch wood tree trunks, antique lanterns, candles, crystal, flowers in twine wrapped jars, and green foliage to complement subtle pastels, and flowers either white or with brighter Christian wedding theme colours are excellent as wedding decor table decorations.

Christian Wedding Theme Colours

No matter what kind of bridal bouquet or Christian wedding theme idea you choose, there are gorgeous Christian wedding theme colours and combination palettes that you can pick and match for your wedding flower decorations. The following are some popular colour schemes you may consider for your wedding flower ideas:

Gold in the scheme of Christian wedding theme colours can be taken to represent the Divine, the Lord’s presence in the union and intention that surrounds and runs through the covenant of matrimony. Purple is a Christian wedding theme colour that refers to the groom, a colour of great and abiding love and majesty. Meanwhile, white, of course, seen in the bridal veil and gown and many of the bridal bouquets, is the representation of the bride herself, ensconced in Divine light and guided by her purity of intention and generosity of spirit.

Other favourite Christian wedding theme colours and palettes range from vintage to rustic. If you are keen on a country style wedding, colour combos like light green, eucalyptus, sage and lavender along with beige or white would do well. Christian wedding ideas for your reception might take you to the seaside or outdoors, too. If so, try light green shades paired with conch shell pink or pearl. More formal or antique and ritzy wedding receptions make use of plum, lavender and pastel pink, or black alongside darker greens, bronze and other metallics.

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